The Case for Rest

I can never let too many posts go by before re-declaring my Tim Ferriss über fan status.  I devoured his two books, the 4-Hour Workweek and the 4-Hour Body and I love his blog.  So imagine my state of fanboy amazement as, while innocently scanning my Twitter “Must Reads” list, I came across a tweet from Kevin Rose (Founder of Digg and this awesome new ratings app, Oink among other things) announcing the latest in a series of monthly interviews with tech superstars, called Foundation.  I clicked on his link and, instead of watching his latest interview, I went straight to the one with his bud Tim Ferriss.  I’d never seen such a quality interview with Tim.  There were several excellent parts but it started to get VERY interesting towards 48:00.

Kevin Rose:  “How do you find that balance between wanting to be really driven and an entrepreneur… at the same time remembering that you have an awesome family that you should be spending time with that isn’t getting any younger?”

Tim Ferriss:  “I set Saturday very strictly for me… I try to regain perspective on Saturdays.. I really try to open no computers on a Saturday.. I don’t have email set up on my iPhone, I don’t want to see the notifications.. I try to make a point of calling my family every Saturday.. it’s tough man… I mean time is really fleeting.. it is really, really staggeringly terrifying how time accelerates as you get older.. it’s really terrifying.”

Don’t worry, this is not me trying to proselytize as a Seventh-day Adventist.  Religious belief aside, I was fascinated that someone that is as famously productive as Tim Ferriss, is a quasi fundamentalist about setting aside 24 hours for rejuvenation.  Nobody I’ve come across has quite the same reverence for time and the proper use of it, as Tim Ferriss.  That is one of the main reasons I am so fascinated with his work.  I know that I’ve got a very finite span of time in which to make my impact on society and I listen to those who help me maximize my stabs at savvy, global do-gooding.  Check out the interview and hit me up with your thoughts in the comments.



Bjorn Karlman