Save a Buck, Bust a Brown Person: the Idiocy in Racial Profiling

On the left side of the shouting match about racial profiling you far too often hear someone rattle off all the white terrorists they have ever heard of in an attempt to make a case that there aren’t any ethnic trends in terrorism. The guy arguing for racial profiling will then start a list of as many brown bad guys as he can conjure up and “From there the conversation will devolve into a contest to see who can name more terrorists, until at some point the segment runs out of time.”

Swedish Cartoonist’s Still-Deadly Naiveté

Vilks at the time chimed in saying that his work was art and told the Associated Press, “I’m not against Islam. Everybody knows that…” The Christian Science Monitor quoted Vilks after the $100,000 bounty had been placed on his head, “I suppose this makes my art project a bit more serious. It’s also good to know how much one is worth.” The same article reports that Vilks created his controversial art “as an editorial comment on self-censorship, freedom of expression, and religion.”

Border Skirmish – Boundaries in Cross-Cultural Relationships

You know how it goes: Straight-laced white guy with IBM pocket protector meets exotic young curvy thing from Guadalajara, they fall in love, struggle through no end of relational issues and cultural adjustments and then finally reach some kind of happy cultural equilibrium and live happily ever after. The predictability of these Hollywood cross-cultural romances…