CultureMutterings Episode #1

Here goes the first video post. Basically, the idea behind it is a beginning for what I am calling CultureMutterings – basically a video post about recent news, recent CultureMutt posts and reactions/rebuttals to some of the comments made on the posts. This is my first stab at this and I am obviously highly camera trained…. enjoy

Yes He (Still) Can: Obama got his mojo back through health care

We hadn’t seen this Obama in a while but what Obama proved tonight is that he could do more than win the most significant election in a generation; he could pull off one of the greatest comebacks of recent political history and truly grab the reins of leadership with both hands. As both friend and foe predicted, Obama’s success as a leader hinged on his ability to deliver on health care. The Republicans knew this and fought accordingly. But in the end, it was Obama that won. As he said tonight: “We rose above the weight of our politics. … We are still a people capable of doing big things.” And this is a president who is still capable of doing great things.