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Five “Friends” You Should Dump

It’s not you it is them.  Stop making excuses for the following sorts of “friends” and get to dumping them:

1)  The closet bigot:  Dumping someone is never easy but, by all means, start with the closet bigot.  There are too many of them still around.  They poison their conversations with barely closeted intolerance and animosity.  Outright hate is no longer fashionable but beware of the passive aggressive racial or cultural jabs and call people on them.

2)  The chronic critic:  Getting over getting dumped by “friends” that are chronic critics might be easier than dumping them.  So object to their constant negativity.  If they stop their negativity, then great.  If not, then let them dump you for someone else that will listen to their crap.  It’s OK.

3)  The hopeless gossip:  Relationships end.  It’s a fact of life.  Let your relationship with the hopeless gossip end.  Pull that plug.  Read “How to get over a breakup” posts if you need to but realize that the hopeless gossip will talk about you the second you turn your back.  You’ll get over this type quick. 

4)  The old school snob:  This is CultureMutt so you were right to expect a cultural spin on this friend dumping post.  The “old school snob” for the purposes of this post, is the kind that hides their intolerance of other cultures and people behind a veneer of “concern for society” and “patriotism”.  There is nothing responsible or patriotic about racism or intolerance.  Dump him.

5)  The snooty capitalist:  The opposite of savvy, global do-gooding is snooty hoarding.  If you are around people that never express an interest or any concern for those less fortunate, you know you have a problem.  Don’t let them infect you with their talk of “lazy poor people” or “every man for himself”.  There is ALWAYS place for compassion and smart policy. 

Does all this sound a little harsh?  Maybe it is.  Certainly there is room for commonsense and compassion – even for offenders in all the above categories.  Patience and concerned conversation have a place and if someone is open to some quality introspection, give them the benefit of the doubt.  But rest assured that if you surround yourself with determined degenerates, you too will become one.

Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.



Bjorn Karlman