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9 ways to afford international travel in the next 12 months

1). Save $3 a day. In a year you’ll have enough for a round trip ticket plus lodging & food for a decent international vacation. 2). Find a job as an English teacher. Here are countries that pay decently: South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand 3). Start an online business. You can do that from anywhere. (This is the model I currently use) 4). Become a freelancer. Same thing. You take your work with you. 5) Accompany a rich older person who needs assistance/translation and is happy to pay for the help. 6). Budget airlines & couchsurfing 7). Get hired as an expat professional (chances are good your current lifestyle will dramatically improve if you take this option as you represent the rare commodity of someone who is foreign educated and trained. You will likely be compensated well.) 8). Crowdsource your trip (hint: if your travel qualifies as a do-gooding where you are going to help others, donors will give) 9). Credit card (OK no, don’t choose this option:)