Why Shoe-Throwing Hordes Should Back Off Blair

I was against the Iraq war from the very start. Back in college a friend and I won a debate arguing against the war (see page 5 of the link). As a European transplant in the United States, I protested the war as it began. I remember waving a provocative anti-war sign in heavily Republican St Joseph, Mich. I counted a personal victory the time a driver gave me and my friends the finger as well as when one incensed local decided to make a countering “Saddam’s Convenient Idiots” sign and drive slowly past my band of protesters. The decision to invade Iraq cemented my dislike for and lack of confidence in George Bush. But the same could not be said about my feelings towards Tony Blair. To me, Blair had made a horrible mistake but was not the war criminal and failed leader that he was accused of being.

Islamophobia and Republican Restless Lip Syndrome

Here’s a tip: If even Pat Buchanan (yes, the same crazy geezer who called Hitler “an individual of great courage” and said America was built by white folks) thinks you “went too far” with your comments on any given subject, chances are you did. The comments that sparked the disapproving words? Last week, Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich called the backers of the Cordoba House “Ground Zero Mosque”, “radical Islamists” and helpfully offered: “Nazis don’t have the right to put up a sign next to the holocaust museum in Washington.”

How to Pull off a Total Dubya Makeover

“Inherent in Shapiro’s approach is a realization that Bush’s reputation is in tatters and needs immediate mouth-to-mouth. With the enthusiasm of a fanboy at an early nerd special premier, Shapiro wants to manipulate the public faster than time and presidential libraries can:”