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bring.BUDDY – video cheese and potential logistical genius

The Moving Problem

I stumbled across an idea I thought was potential genius recently. It’s called bring.BUDDY and its the love child of a student team at the School of Design Thinking, Potsdam and the DHL Innovation Center. The idea is to harness commuters in transporting packages from location to location in future metropolitan areas where energy is expensive, emissions have to be cut and car access has to be kept to a minimum.

A Green Way to Fix It

The commute routes of a web of urbanites is analyzed and participants in the program are given parcels that need delivery to destinations that fall along their daily routes.  This eliminates some of the need for delivery vans and is a more organic way for parcels to travel through a city with individual commuters.  The video makes things cheerfully clear:)  Perks for the participants include creative forms of credit such as public transport credit and the fun of competition with others taking part in the experiment.

An Imperfect Yet Buzz-Worthy Solution

Obviously there are some trust and reliability issues to work out here  but the concept should not be written off just because it has kinks.  The idea’s creators would like to target “Especially cities like Copenhagen or London where administrations are actively trying to change the behaviour and attitude of their citizens towards transportation and mobility. Initial target users of bring.BUDDY are generally young, creative, internet savvy urbanites who want to be part of a social change and want to start it locally.”

An Example to Follow

As much as I like they idea behind bring.BUDDY, what I appreciate even more is the focus on innovation for savvy do-gooding.  The options to achieve positive, noteworthy things are limitless when we are able to challenge assumptions and re-think processes.

Bjorn Karlman

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