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Asian Dating – 9 Reasons it Rocks

Love is in the air... a pic from a gala in Northern California, during the Jammie & Bjorn dating days...

Regular CultureMutt readers could be forgiven for thinking that I am against international dating and specifically the huge international trend of dating Asian women, (Asian dating for short) because of posts like my last one. But they would be wrong.

I think Asian dating rocks. I married an Asian girl for goodness sake. I’m against exploitation in dating but I realize that the mere fact that a foreigner dates an Asian girl doesn’t at all mean anything wrong has taken place. (Nor does the fact that they met online… I’ll do another post on Asian dating sites). In fact, I completely recommend Asian dating. Here’s why:

1). Asian girls are often very classy – I am obviously going to have to over-generalize in this kind of a post. Not all Asian girls are going to match the broader trends. But in general, Asian women are extremely classy. I would venture to say that they are the classiest women on earth. Everybody has their own taste but most men want a classy woman… Asian women are the answer.

2). Asian girls often have solid values – I don’t want to understate the impact of culture clash in interracial and inter-cultural relationships but the simple fact is that Asian culture is big on respect and the importance of loyalty and family. Asian women take this very seriously. This is a huge plus.

3). Mixing it up is exciting – Why be boring and always stick to your own race while dating? This is the 21st century. Get out there and date across cultures. Asian dating allows you to discover a very different culture and this will help you grow. This is fun and exciting and gives life some flavor that would not be there if you stayed in Kansas, so to speak.

4). Asian women make great wives – This is not just something that people say. Asian dating often leads to marrying an Asian. Asian women value faithfulness and the family unit. Asian women will generally stick with their husbands through thick and thin. They are supportive and caring. Respect her and love her and you will have yourself a wonderful marriage. Trust me, I consider myself very fortunate in my marriage.

5.) Asian dating includes the whole family – Much of Asian life revolves around the family unit. Yes, this can mean that you have to talk to that nosy aunty more than you would like but it also means that you really nurture the relationships that should be most important – those of the family, both nuclear and extended. If this is not yet a reality for you, Asian dating will cure you quickly. By the weekend of the first week Jammie and I dated, I was over for family dinner.

6). Great food is ever-present in Asian dating – This may sound like a superficial reason to promote Asian dating but I’m sorry, it is a great reason to date an Asian girl (or guy BTW). It is very hard to go wrong with Asian food. If you date an Asian girl, the restaurants you go to, the meals you eat in and the potlucks you will inevitably find yourself hitting, will be fantastic.

7). They are up for it – This varies a little or a lot depending on what Asian country the girl or her parents are from and where you are from but generally speaking, Asian girls are very open to dating someone that is not from their culture. Trust me, this is your golden opportunity. Go for it!

8). Asian dating helps YOU grow – Healthy dating that is mutually respectful can be one of the most helpful experiences in life. This goes for dating anyone. Add to that the element of international flavor brought by Asian dating and you have a genuine growth experience that is very, very good for you, especially if you are someone that has never traveled. You will be better rounded and more open-minded thanks to the relationship.

9). Cute, cute babies – Yes, there are some definite exceptions to this rule, but most often, mixed babies that are half Asian are super cute. My little nephew was born just before Jammie and I got married. He is half Filipino, half Mexican, bias aside, he is a seriously cute little boy. Be fruitful and multiply.

OK, that’s it for now. Add to my list or tell me I’m wrong in the comments. But whatever you do, if you are single, consider the possibility that Asian dating may be just the thing you were looking for :)



Bjorn Karlman Bangkok, Thailand