“Shoot ‘Dem Like Birds” – Homophobia in Tropical Paradise

Shoot ‘Dem Like Birds Promo from Traveling Muse on Vimeo.

A fellow culturemutt

Meet Leslie Foster.  He’s a buddy of mine who is not just a fellow globetrotter and culturemutt, we have also lived in the same places – a school campus near Manila in the Philippines, South East England and Hollywood.  Leslie is a fascinating guy.  His dreams dwarf those of mere mortals.  He is the driving force behind one of the coolest ideas I have come across in the last few years…

A remarkable muse

Traveling Muse is Leslie’s baby.  It’s a collective of artists, mostly based in the LA area that, in its own words, is “telling the stories of people whose voices are not heard… exploring social activism, the collisions between art and spirituality, creating art communally, and celebrating our vagabond experience”.  I know several of these artists myself and can vouch for the fact that they practice what they preach.  And that’s where this next part comes in:

A trip to Jamaica… but not what you think…

The project Leslie and his tribe of artists are tackling next is nothing if not ambitious. It’s called “Shoot ‘Dem Like Birds / Stories of courage from Jamaica, one of the most homophobic nations on Earth.” The sad reality is that in addition to pristine white sand beaches and one of the most relaxed, fun loving cultures, Jamaica is home to some of the worst physical violence against gays and lesbians. Leslie and his team are traveling to Jamaica to shoot a film telling the stories of those who are doing their best to fight the violence. This is savvy, global do-gooding at its best. Check out the video and the fundraising page and do your part to wish Leslie good luck!

Bjorn Karlman

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