Seth Godin’s Purple Cow – Get Remarkable

A Game Changer
Anyone trying to start something great from scratch should be encouraged by Seth Godin. His book Purple Cow is a game changer. In it he spells out the rules of the new game: consumers DO NOT listen to you. “Marketing is dead.” Advertising falls on deaf ears. What matters now is not how many bland franchises you have or the size of your marketing budget. What matters is not how many employees you have or how long you have been around (in fact, a long history can be a cumbersome liability). What matters now is this question: Are you a purple cow?

What’s a purple cow? As much as it may sound like a desperate bid to break into the marketing lit with a bold new term that in the end tells the same old story, Seth Godin’s purple cow is different. He is not rambling on about the need for better packaging or how you need a Super Bowl commercial if you want attention. He is talking about the most crucial commodity out there: being REMARKABLE. “Something remarkable is worth talking about…”

Why this is good news
“You can’t make people listen.” This is good news. The days of huge companies successfully influencing consumers by bombarding them with advertising are over. The return on that kind of carpet bombing is less and less. Your remarkable idea is more powerful than billions of dollars built on a Kmart foundation. The small guy CAN win according to these new rules. Netflix (huge range, great prices, home or streaming video – delivery) beats Blockbuster (traditional stores), Southwest (killer prices, non union employees, fresh take on customer service) beats United (battered by unions, aging bureaucracies and tired ideas) and you can beat the dinosaur in your field.

People listen up when you get remarkable with them, when you bring out the purple cow. So on your quest to savvy, global do-gooding, BE BOLD . It doesn’t matter if you are just brainstorming ideas for a new kind of non-profit or if you head up Greenpeace, remarkable ideas are the new currency of power.

Bjorn Karlman

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