“savvy, global do-gooding”…That’s the plan now get on it!



I am excited to have a guest post from a friend that I first met in 6th grade during a 6-month stint in the US.  He’s got a unique voice that is highly influenced by his faith. Although CultureMutt is not about angling for any particular religion, it is completely open to savvy, global do-gooders of ANY persuasion.  I am impressed by Jared’s story so far.  I am sure you will be too.  Over to Mr. Jared Thurmon:

“savvy, global do-gooding”… That’s the plan now get on it!

You were born to be an entrepreneur i.e. be your own boss. Here’s another way to say it: You were born to create, innovate, inspire and make enough money to start the process over again the next day.

A little about me. I believe the worst evils in the world are the fault of the christian church. I am not against Christians, in fact I love their book, but I just don’t see many who live by that book. Having said that, I believe the world the Bible begins and ends with sounds good. It is otherwise known as paradise. Now just so you know I am not here to bash anyone with a Bible you gotta hear me out so that I can make my case.

The world we were born to live in was a place where everyone ate local, organic, plant-based food. No one got cancer and no one died. Losing my dad in a car accident a few months back makes me long for that world more than ever. I hope you can relate to the utopian world view I am painting i.e. no funerals, no hospitals, no pollution, no war, no politics etc. I like the sound of that.

A world where enjoyment came first and work was a joy and stress was unheard of. I don’t believe for one second any of us were made to work for someone else. It is not natural based on my worldview. You know that feeling you have when you look at something or some idea and say “ I would have done it differently”? That I believe is a great feeling and one you should stop suppressing. I believe in the world of tomorrow we all grow our own food again and peace is enjoyed by all.

There is a statement made by the wise man Solomon in Ecclesiastes 2:24: “So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in work. Then I realized that these pleasures are from the hand of God.”

Now I think we all can agree on two things.

#1 – We love to eat

#2 – Most of us hate our jobs

This king Solomon had more money than the Rothschild Banking Dynasty (that is a lot). He did not deny himself anything. It is told he had 700 wives and about 300 concubines. We might as well say that the guy’s middle name was “booty call”.

He built cities, had businesses, had palaces, ate the best food, toured the world and finally declared in Ecclesiastes 2:11 – “But as I looked at everything I had worked so hard to accomplish, it was all so meaningless–like chasing the wind. There was nothing really worthwhile anywhere.”

Despite this depression he found himself in, we find that he began to mention over and over again two common things that he did believe would bring you joy.

#1 – Love your food

#2 – Love your work

I hope you love your food, if not don’t eat for a day and you will see how much you love it. As for the work, I think you need a new perspective.

When I was 7 years old I made money with my first lemonade stand. I sold monopoly games at the 96 Olympic games and made $4000 in a few days rollerblading around the city as a 13 year old. I have been to event after event and business venture after the next that I learned the art of taking a risk, believing in your idea and making a buck.

The reality is that the money at the end of the day is not what makes you happy. I can tell you cashing a $500,000 check is fun but not as fun as the art of the deal. I have had more fun in life taking $1 bills from people for bags of ice cold watermelon than I ever have cashing a big check or buying some random material good.

Life is more than money. We are slaves to a system that if truth be told we hate. We are told to get massive debt to get a good education so that we can get a good job and raise 2.5 kids and have the nice house in suburbia or apartment downtown Manhattan. We save our whole lives to turn 65 and be so sick and tired that we usually lay down to sleep i.e. die and there is no rest of the story. How many people do you know following that formula?

I remember someone telling me the story of a young guy fishing on a beach in the middle of the week being asked why he was not at a job working. He responds with “why should I be working”? The stranger says “so that you can make money, have kids, save for retirement etc.”

He responds with “what do you do in retirement”? The stranger says “well you…ummm..do things like go fishing on the beach during the middle of the week. Get the picture?

You have an idea right now of something you would love to do. The secret to making it a reality is that you have to start to imagine the life of doing what you love and loving what you do. Here are the steps to make it happen.

#1 – Why do you want to make this idea happen? 

#2 – What does this idea/product/venture look like operating just how you want it. 

#3 – What type of life will you have when this idea really takes off and absorbs many hours of your day?

#4 – Pause. Really think about your idea being a huge success. Are you happy? 

#5 – If that is not it, keep thinking until success with your idea is what you Really want. 

#6 – Make 30 minutes each day to plan how to make this happen. Interview/Research others in this arena and get feedback on your idea.

#7 – Put money aside each month to begin to create this venture and start small and avoid debt. 

#8 – Once you have the product or idea ready to share, get honest feedback i.e. ask “How can I make this even better than it is”? People are too nice so prime them with “I know I am missing some things to make this really great, what are they”?

#9 – Spend more and more time on the weekends and nights building your business. 

#10 – Enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur. Hint: it should not feel like work anymore but joyful living and you would rather “work” than play. 

I have traveled the world and seen a lot of culture and I can say that the world has lost the art of joyful living. Let’s get the ball rolling for a whole new world.



Bjorn Karlman

Reach Jared:  twitter.com/thurmon


10 thoughts on ““savvy, global do-gooding”…That’s the plan now get on it!”

  1. Very interesting article. I agree entirely with the ideas presented. God did make us to live a simple, joyful existence. the fall did change that somewhat, but it was not his plan to create an industrial society we live in today.

    That’s what I want to point out. The only way everyone can have this kind of existence where they are their own boss is a return to an agrarian economy where everyone produces most of what they need themselves. Otherwise, if you are going to mass-produce goods, you are going to need factories and employees (or slaves). This is why God gave an agrarian model to the Israelites where land belonged to families, not individuals, and could be rented out but not sold. The more I study international economics and finance, the more I realise that this model is the only one that is sustainable in the long-term and capable of producing the best existence for the majority. (Simple but happy)

  2. I like how you put the bible as the basis for your ‘argument’ or persuasive essay. As far as I’m concerned, religion is man made. And that’s why it gets so corrupted, like telephone, because it is only in the image of eachother. We are all mirrors. I like to think I’m a wayward Christian. Well, more into Buddhism but whatev. I don’t consider these religion to me. I can totally subscribe to this utopian view! Make a heaven on earth! I think books like Animal Farm and things that illustrate how utopia is actually pretty flawed is just in the framework of a *pretty flawed* system. I think if we can get COMPLETELY outside this system.. if our world didn’t exist in the ways that it does (economy, etc) then utopia would be great.

    1. I went to this be-in hippie gathering in San Francisco last weekend where they’d set up a cross between an Occupy camp and a hippie commune. It did seem very utopian.. They had a free store, free food, good vibes, etc. They were protesting a new city regulation that would kick homeless people off some park land… I found myself impressed and cynical at the same time… Hopeful that they would succeed and cynical because I wasn’t sure how long they could maintain utopia…

  3. Eat good food and do good work. Good advice for anyone Jared.

    Doing what we want to do, instead of what we should be doing, is a scary and uncertain thing so most people never make the jump to their passion. I agree we should do work we love but that doesn’t just have to be in business, entrepreunarial pursuits. It can also be in a job or working for someone if you love doing that kind of work.

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