Quit your job: Hatred for it not necessary

Razwana Wahid
Razwana Wahid

Since Jammie and I quit our jobs and took off on our 2013 world service tour, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from people that have either done something similar or are contemplating dong so.  Today’s guest post is by my friend and très cool Paris-based blogger, Razwana.  She is about to quit her job to become an entrepreneur.  She writes this post as motivation to herself and those in similar situation to make the jump and work for themselves.  All yours Razwana!”


I love my job.

It’s the best one I’ve had yet.

It’s perfect balance of my three non-negotiables for a job – the location, the people, and the work itself. It’s perfect.

Or is it?

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a colleague. Let’s call him….Burt.

I asked Burt why, even though it’s technically possible for me to work from anywhere in the world (with internet connection), I couldn’t work from a location of my choosing?

Neither Burt, nor his coat of infinite wisdom could give me an answer that made sense.

When he stopped looking at me like I’d asked if it was OK to work in the office butt naked since it’s particularly warm out, he finally mumbled something about how ‘that’s just the way it is’.

That’s just the way it is.

The illusion of the perfect job shattered in 2.2 seconds.

And that’s when I realized The Pattern I had been living.

See, I get like this about a year after I work in a job. It’s peachy perfect at the beginning.

Then the newness fades away, the shiny surprises stop coming and all that is left is this big, fat, stop-staring-at-me empty space that yells ‘WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? AGGAAAIIINNNNNN?????’

Because I hate being told what I can and cannot do.

So The Pattern must be broken.

I’ve always wanted to work for myself. No time like the present, right?

But wait!

What if this is the grass is only greener effect? I mean, the grass is only greener when you’re looking at it with envy. So what if I am just running away from something that otherwise serves me rather well? Nothing is that perfect, is it?

What if the business idea I have doesn’t work? (See also:  fear of failure)

What if my market research is a lie?

What if I run out of ways of making money?

What if I make ZERO money after I quit my job and have to go grovelling for it back again?

What if my fear of winding up on the street, living out of a box and wearing plastic bags as shoes becomes a reality?

But the biggest what if of them all?

What if I stay in this job and never know what life is actually like on the other side?

And that is one scary “what if”.  It’s the ‘what if’ that keeps me awake at night. It’s the’ what’ if that creates an urgency to do something about this situation.

It’s the ‘what’ if that I really, really, really don’t want to experience.

So the time is now.

Time to stop dreaming of tomorrow – and start living it.

Time to stop saying what I will do – and actually do it.

To stop thinking of what I am capable of – and start believing it.


Razwana Wahid writes at Your Work Is Your Life, a service dedicated to making your writing work

better – to sell, to convert, to connect.  Read more at www.yourworkisyourlife.com or follow her

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2 thoughts on “Quit your job: Hatred for it not necessary”

  1. Courageous move Razwana – must be exciting and a little fearful at the same time but as you say – the only thing worse is not moving on. The “What if’s” will kill you.

    I’ve done exactly what you’ve done. Leaving a very well paying job to start my own business. I made it 2 years (doing the business) but more importantly, I learned a lot of skills, became ever more resourceful and later used those skills for my next project. And also, that job led me to a future dream job. So, there’s lot of plusses to going at it on your own.

    Looking forward to seeing your journey unfold Razwana! And I’m confident that your creative ability and writing skills will only lead you to success.
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    1. Hey V. It is people like you that are inspiring me! And like you – who is to say the self employment is forever? You have your dream job that I am sure makes you happy – what else do we all want, right??

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