Meeting Swedish Girls 101

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I am sick of all the crap out there about Swedish girls. As I was reading up to prep this post I kept finding unsubstantiated or pervy trash online. Frequently called the hottest girls on earth, the depictions of Swedish girls in the news and pop culture are skin deep – they are either hot models, volleyball players or radical feminists.

There seems to be no room for reality in describing Swedish women.  It’s as though Swedish girls are forever destined to be caricatures – cartoon figures with exaggerated looks and non-personalities.  Swedish girls in popular media are created in the image of the simpleton creator.  And I’ve had enough.

So since I am Swedish and since CultureMutt is all about savvy, global do-gooding, this post is going to tell the truth about Swedish girls and how to meet them. This post is written for men that want to meet Swedish women and for anyone else that is interested in what makes Swedish women tick.

So here we go:

1) YOU make move #1 – Swedish girls do have the guts to approach you before you approach them but seriously, summon some courage, stand out from the crowd of passively inebriated Swedish men (more on this later) and go talk her.  Showing some friendly initiative will inject steroids into your game.  Some foreign charisma could be exactly what she is looking for. So don’t just stand there and ogle.

2) She may be Swedish but she wants to go Dutch – This may seem like a slight contradiction but she may not be that comfortable with you paying for everything.  If you are an American, forget your upbringing and realize that insisting on paying for Swedish women is not necessarily the polite thing to do.  So play it by ear.  Offer to go 50/50 and if you do pay, insist that it was because you asked her, and not because of any antiquated gender roles.

3) Be real – If there is one thing that I am always reminded of when I am back in my home country, it is that people want you to be real with them. Whereas some cultures sugar coat and beat around the bush, Swedish culture is fairly direct.  If you open up and have a real conversation with them, Swedish girls will naturally warm to you.

4) Norse mythology - Freya is the most beautiful of the goddesses in Norse mythology.  She also happens to be the goddess of love and fertility. She lives in a beautiful palace called Folkvang where love songs are always played.  She is seriously into music, spring and flowers. OK, so nobody believes in any of this but still, keep it classy and be a little romantic.  Thor will smile on you.

5) Swedish models, like anywhere else make up less than 1% of the population  – but still, if Nordic is your look, Sweden is very much the place to be.  Here’s a little tip.  If you look different, work that to your advantage.  In a land overrun by Vikings, those that look like they are from somewhere else can be seen as quite exotic.  Work it!

6) Useful Phrases:

I love you – Jag älskar dig

Leave me alone! – Lämna mig ifred!

One language is never enough – ett språk är aldrig nog

Call the police! – Ring polisen!

7) Swedish men are awful at the following (make up for them!!):

a) Making conversation

b) Staying sober

c) Maintaining conversation while sober

d) Displaying charisma or charm

e) Initiating conversation with women

Needless to say, Swedish women are frustrated.  They are not impressed with withdrawn guys that need alcohol for conversation.  This is going to work in your favor.  Be that funny, entertaining, charming foreign guy that they are SO relieved just walked in the door.  They will love you for it.

8) They love good DJs – As most pop culture savants know, some of the coolest exports out of Sweden in recent years have been awesome DJs. Swedes are proud of this and young adults are obsessed with good dance music.  If you have some skills then by all means, show them off!

9) Head for IKEA or H&M. Be a fan of Sweden, if you hate the country then keep it to yourself or get out.  Swedes are a patriotic bunch.  They will like you if you show an interest in things Swedish.  If you dress in H&M, learn some Swedish, rave about Swedish design and rub your hands together in anticipation of afternoon fika  (coffee break) then good news could be headed your direction.

Alright, I hope that was helpful. Good luck everyone.  Tell me how things go:)



Bjorn Karlman

4 thoughts on “Meeting Swedish Girls 101”

  1. Ha ha… true! Although I’m not sure about the first tip about bounding over to say ‘hello’. If you have time to spare, I think most Scandinavians really value their personal space, and they warm to you slowly. So… maybe get to know her friends, let her observe you, and THEN say hello. Otherwise you might hear “Lämna mig ifred!” Right on about the Norse mythology, yet being real. You’ll need poetry and reality to get noticed.

    1. Excellent feedback on #1. Especially since you actually are a Swedish girl! I’m all for space.. I am just trying to combat the passivity/lameness of Swedish men that keeps coming up on Swedish lifestyle blogs…

  2. You’re like the love doctor now Bjorn!

    I love the Swedish phrases you throw into this post – these may be the four most important phrases one needs in Sweden! Are these phrases that you use with Swedish women or had them use on you:) (for example – leave me alone and call the police!)

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