John Edwards Champions America’s Sauciest Home Videos

Sexy LipsNot one to want to stay out of the news cycle for too long, John Edwards made headlines again this week: he has separated from his wife and he made a sex tape during his affair.  Gawker cited two anonymous sources that say the former North Carolina Senator, 2004 vice presidential candidate and 2008 presidential candidate, made the tape with former lover Rielle Hunter. The flick contains many a sex act and was apparently discovered by former aide Andrew Young who stumbled across the unmarked DVD and felt compelled to pen The Politician, a ruthless exposé of his old boss.  Gawker dutifully records that, although they have not seen the tape, their trusted sources say Edwards “is physically very striking, in a certain area. Everyone who sees it says ‘whoa’.”

America already knows that Edwards is capable of shocking things (who in their right mind deems it necessary to add insult to injury by explaining that at least his wife’s cancer was in remission when he had his “pants down”?).  So the tape should not be seen as something scandalous but rather as a sincere attempt to be added to Wikipedia’s Celebrity Sex Tape list.  After all, Edwards would be in fairly hallowed company and should be seen as a noble pioneer in blurring the lines between politician and sleazy celeb.  The over 30 stars on the Wikipedia list have made their passion public intentionally or through clumsy fumble after setting up the trusty camcorder.  From humble beginnings in the ’90s with Pamela Anderson’s indiscriminate romps with one musician or another, celebrity sex tapes have almost become a professional credential for Hollywood hopefuls.  Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jamie Foxx to Verne “Mini Me” Troyer has been steaming up the web with their bedroom flics.

Let’s remember that the PR boost to be gained from a sex tape does not even require any actual on-screen intercourse.  As PopEater so aptly puts it, “These days, it seems that anyone with a modicum of name recognition can film themselves kissing someone in their underwear and before you know it, it becomes hyped across the internet as a ‘sex tape.'”

PopEater quotes adult website’s Dan Miller saying that “With all the cable and reality shows out there, everyone has their 15 minutes of fame and they have some name recognition so there could be a potential market for seeing them naked.”

And why should the market for on-screen nudity be limited only to Hollywood stars? With mid-term elections coming up later this year Edwards has done the politicos a favor with his innovative trail blazing.  Sex scandals are nothing new to politics but sex tapes could come in useful for candidates that feel their campaign could use an extra boost. Those needing proof of this theory have but to turn to the spectacular Massachusetts upset that Scott Brown pulled off, robbing complacent Democrats of the Senate seat they had held for decades.  He didn’t even need a sex tape.  All he had to his name was this dignified centerfold that inspired Cosmo to come up with the slogan: Who Needs Joe Plumber When You Can Have Scott Six-Pack?


Bjorn Karlman

23 thoughts on “John Edwards Champions America’s Sauciest Home Videos”

  1. I think a growing number of people assume that if they do something really scandalous (or something they think society deems as such), they’ll be able to cling onto what gives them validation—fame feeds their narcissism. They think that by likening themselves to a world of make-believe (pornography, movies, tv) that they’ll somehow get credibility and staying power in the real world. But in the case of politicians, I think they forget that they campaign on high moral standards (“vote for me because I’m an ethical family man/woman”) so their fall from grace is a lot farther and harder. Of course if politicians decided to use a sex tape to boost their numbers, they’d be targeting the youth vote—because we think that’s cool?—and subsequently alienate older voters. Though in Scott Brown’s case I think people like the idea of better looking politicians, and one who still seems fit with a touch of gray will go a lot farther than most of the current oldies we have there. I’m waiting for it to become passé and for everyone to get over it, but I guess that leaves the door open for something more extreme and offensive to take it’s place?

  2. Politics aside, I am proud to say that I never liked this guy.

    Personally, I think the worst part of this whole ordeal is that he tried to convince this woman to have an abortion. The guy is a total sleaze. He is a millionaire 30 times over from what I have read and he can’t man up and just admit the baby is his and take care of it?

    Not to mention, the cheating on his dying wife thing.

  3. Yes, why is it that we always go for good looking candidates? Sex appeal goes a very long way. At least since JFK. And you are right about the balance – charm with good American values.. not always an easy line to walk…

  4. David, I think your assessment of Edwards is one of the few areas that we can actually agree on:) Do you think we are easier or harder on him because he is a Democrat?

  5. Well there were rumors that the media knew what he was doing him, but protected him during the campaign. I am not sure if that is true or not.

    The sex tape thing was new to me when I came here to check up on your blog. So, even though I watch and read news non-stop, I had not heard of it yet. So maybe the media is going easy on him. I don’t really have a problem with that though because he isn’t really a politician any more.

    So to answer the question, I don’t think there really is a difference in treatment in this case … at least right now.

  6. Well the sex tape news just broke this week so it is fairly new and people are still being cautious about it because Gawker hadn’t actually seen the tape. The fact that Edwards has not denied it indicates that the tale is true and not part of some revenge fantasy from a former aide.

  7. Haha! I suppose it is possible that if you have been a darling of the media in the past, they would go easier on you for some time. Gone are those days though… He may as well be Republican:)

  8. It could have something to do with saying that DC is Hollywood for ugly people, so when a reasonably attractive one comes along everyone reaches for their smelling salts! But that’s harsh. Looks don’t change a person’s character though–Edwards was foolish in many ways but we all saw how vain he was with his $300-$500 haircuts. I guess I’ll digress some more and say that his inflated senes of self importance and an attitude that he was untouchable ended up hurting his family and any chance at a viable political future, and that’s what we’ll remember him for.

  9. Are politicians really more sexually indiscriminate than their blue-collar male counterparts or do they just garner more attention for their inappropriate romps? Edwards wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last! Video and web streaming do add a new dimension to the ease and quickness with which the public can be found out. My personal opinion is that it’s sad. Politicians are supposed to be leaders and set examples. It’s hard to believe in a man who cheats on his wife (who has cancer) and is dumb enough to make a sex tape. Infidelity turns me and probably many voters off. When I found out Obama smoked I didn’t like it, but if I found out he cheated on Michelle it would make me believe in him less as a man and a leader. Just some thought salad on my part.

  10. Sadly yes, Edwards will be remembered for this. Unless he can summon the inner comeback kid. But even Bill Clinton, no matter how many diplomatic missions he goes on, will always be remembered for an Oval Office blowjob.

  11. To me it’s very interesting to look at the rules of conduct that leaders have to live by. It has been said many times before but infidelity on the part of a leader is not nearly as big a deal in parts of Europe. The US still seems to have fairly specific rules of moral conduct when it comes to sexual practice.

  12. You’re correct in pointing out the cultural disparity when it comes to the sexual rules of conduct for politicians. Yet culture helps to form perceptions or rules for what is ‘normal.’ In both eastern and western Europe it is much more common place for men, particularly powerful men, to have mistresses. So I think for many Americans John Edwards behavior is a disappointment, though not necessarily a surprise.

  13. Agreed, he is a huge disappointment. I don’t really understand how it affects his ability to govern though… I feel like that is the real issue. Why do all our leaders have to be able to host Focus on the Family?

  14. A reporter once asked FDR if his character had something to do with his successful presidency, the president smiled turned to the young reporter and replied “son, this job is entirely about character.” Maybe I am being too righteous but if someone cannot be faithful in the small things, or the bigger things (like family life) then why should I trust them with great things like governing people?

  15. I think you should officially rename your blog to culture and and a bit of saucy political gossip blog :).

    But, seriously, there are so many better topics to write on…

  16. We have a tendency to gloss over ugliness in the past. FDR was far from a saint despite his outstanding record as a politician. Specifically to do with family life, he cheated on Eleanor a number of times, so much so that the Secret Service had a code name for one of his mistresses. All this said, Americans remember him as a spectacular president, role model and leader.

  17. Andrey, good to see you back! And yes, I agree… we don’t want to turn this into US Weekly. Let me know what you’d like covered and I’d be happy to look into it. And if you’re interested, maybe we could collaborate on some writing

  18. Point taken Bjorn! I guess even when great men know their doing naughty things (like cheating on their spouses) it doesn’t diminish thier greatness. It still pisses me off!

  19. I know I’ve said it before, but this is why I can’t stand the media. Everything is blown out of proportion and sensationalized. Tabloids love this type of story because it sells. But some (far too many) people care…otherwise we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now would we?!

  20. Well, I understand that tabloid tendencies in media can be frustrating to some but isn’t this kind of focus just an extension of human nature? We all like a juicy story even if we all condemn the telling of it.

  21. the only sex tape I want to watch is me and A. Skars. I would watch me and Colin Farrel, he says he likes old ladies. But i have no interest in watching any one else.
    The Paris one kind of appalled me. It was so depressing and tragic. All that money, skinniness clothes and fame, and it looked like she was pretending. A little self esteem goes further than cash when it comes to orgasms i guess.

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