Is Edward Snowden Jason Bourne?
Edward Snowden, the real-life Jason Bourne?

John McCain went there over the weekend:  he compared Edward Snowden to Jason Bourne.  Well, at least in what he considered to be the minds of “a young generation”.

“There’s a young generation who believes he’s some kind of Jason Bourne,” said McCain to Fox News Sunday.

To back up his point, McCain shared his views on how this new American generation thinks: “Right now there’s kind of a generational change.  Young Americans do not trust this government.”

That may be true, but let’s focus on the deep stuff and get back to his Jason Bourne comment.  Just how Jason Bourne is Edward Snowden?  I’ll let you be the judge of that after you read through my super objective list of Bourne/Snowden similarities:

They have similar backgrounds.  Seriously.  Both have really boring names and come from boring towns somewhere in the US.  Neither one of them is a life of the party type.  Pretty chill, actually.  They are both military-trained (at least until Snowden broke both his legs and got out while still in training) and then went into intelligence work.

They date girls on tropical islands.  They both have a thing for not-a-model-but-still-attractive girls on tropical islands.

They dress alike.  Jason Bourne is no James Bond.  He dresses down and he dresses drab.  So does Edward Snowden.  I mean, that one shirt he seems to wear in all his pictures is getting seriously old.

They are both seen as traitors, at least by some.  The political class sees these guys as traitors.  Cool kids do not.

They leak juicy stuff to The Guardian.  This is almost spooky true but they both leak juicy intel to Britain’s The Guardian.  If you don’t believe me, go back and check the movies.

They have a thing for international travel.  They are both jetsetters.  They are all over the place in the game of cat and mouse with authorities.

Of course, the similarities dry up after a while.  Jason Bourne would never have gotten holed up in the Moscow airport for a month making Russian language flash cards.  But hey, for a real life guy, Snowden gets really close.  I think we’ve got someone to play Snowden when his movie comes out…



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  1. Fun comparison. Not sure that Edward Snowden has memory issues about being a trained assassin, but still… fun.

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