Introducing CultureMutt’s First Monthly Challenge – Juicing for Three Weeks

Welcome to my month of March..

A Video Diary

OK, I am delving more into the world of shoddy video shot on my iPhone and I thought a good thing to start doing would be to keep a video diary of sorts.  The loose theme of the videos will be a series of monthly challenges to which I will subject myself (and anyone else who wants to join in.)

Public Accountability

I figure that the fairly public accountability will force me to take this seriously. Each challenge will be designed to bring about some kind of self-improvement, to enable me and you, my wonderful readers to live out the CultureMutt tagline of savvy, global do-gooding.

Challenge #1 – Juice to Lose Weight

The first monthly challenge is basically about being healthy and losing weight so I don’t look like my sister’s chubby brother in all the pictures of her wedding which is coming up in England in just over three weeks.  Here’s a clip with me explaining things a little further….

Jammie and I went shopping and got all of the items above for about $40.  I borrowed the juicer so no cost there…

Luckily, it was super easy to use.  Here’s a quick clip on the basic mechanics…

How does the juice taste? Well, let’s find out…

OK, so the juicer recipes will need a lot of fine-tuning. For now, I am happy that this whole thing is not exhausting me. I feel really alert… one of the early benefits of juicing I guess.

The video updates for this challenge will be posted as often as possible with a minimum of three times a week. Each post will include at least one video and once a week I’ll have a progress (or lack thereof) pic with some stats like the below:

feeling awkward

Day # 1 in First Monthly Challenge (Yesterday)

Date: March 4, 2012

Weight: 195 lbs

Ideal Weight:  170 lbs

Feeling:  Hungry

If anyone has any good juicing recipes PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT


Bjorn Karlman

12 thoughts on “Introducing CultureMutt’s First Monthly Challenge – Juicing for Three Weeks”

  1. “And that’s my finger…” LOL! Don’t forget your proteins or you’ll pass out. I can’t wait to see you and Jammie!

    1. Thanks for the tips/resources Karin! And yes, I have a protein shake after workouts… Plus I am adding almond and coconut milk to the drinks…

      Can’t wait for the big day!!

    1. I am SO about Tim Ferriss but the slow carb diet has too much opportunity for me to cheat…. I have tried it several times and always ended up cheating. It feels like I have to take extreme measures to lose weight. His diet works well for weight maintenance… at least for me

  2. here’s a website you might enjoy! i’m sending you an email with my personal tips on juicing/smoothies.

  3. PS.. both websites were awesome… I especially love that the first one had some many good recipes.. most of what I have made so far is super gross

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