Happy Valentines from Bangkok!! And Bjorn Lying on a Bed of Nails.

Happy Valentines 2013 from Bangkok!!

Here’s a little break from the usual programming to share a little video adventure of our Valentine’s Day in Bangkok.  We’ve got clips from our Valentines adventure all over the city, including one of me lying on a bed of nails.  Enjoy!



Bjorn Karlman

Bangkok, Thailand


10 thoughts on “Happy Valentines from Bangkok!! And Bjorn Lying on a Bed of Nails.”

  1. It was closed so… :) You guys made me smile. Love this vlog stuff. Very fun. Happy (belated) Valentines Day!

  2. Dangit Bjorn and Jammie. Miss you guys sooooo much. Glad for you, but missing you!!!!! KIT!!! Hope to be seeing more and hearing from you soon. Enjoy!

  3. you both are hilarious! I thought only Bjorn was hilarious butafter this video – Jammmie too. You both should start your own online variety show. haha with more things like Bjorn sleeping on a bed of nails, fighting a tiger and other wild adventures like that. Jammie can do the play by play haha

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