Forgotten Concert Tickets, a Towed Car and Freezing Rain – Another London Disaster

In the freezing London rain after losing my own jacket....

It’s not that we weren’t listening to your comments a couple posts ago.  But we’ve had another disaster and we haven’t even boarded a plane for our year of savvy, global do-gooding.

This past Wednesday, Jammie, my parents and I got in our car for the 1-hour drive to London for a family tradition.  The tradition is going to a Christmas concert at Royal Albert Hall (one of the best-known concert halls in Britain).

“You’ve got the tickets, right?’

The car was filled with excited pre-concert banter as we drove out into the rainy winter night.  This was Jammie’s first experience of Royal Albert Hall and we were going to see the quintessentially English, Choir of King’s College, Cambridge – probably the best-known boys’ choir in England.

All was fun and games until my mom turned to my dad, “You’ve got the tickets, right?.”  He didn’t.  My mom fessed up that she had forgotten to grab them on the way to the car.  Our healthy time buffer evaporated immediately.  We were 20 minutes into our journey and it was time to find an exit and turn back.

Just made it!

Celebrating that we arrived on time!!


After a quick turnaround at the house we sped back into the rain and headed for London.  My dad dropped us outside Royal Albert Hall with 5 minutes to spare.  Jammie, my mom and I legged it to our seats.  We had made it on time.  It was a Christmas miracle.  And the hall was a beautiful as always.  The concert was great and the choir was in top form.


The amazing Royal Albert Hall


Picture with Choir Boy

But then things started to go downhill.  As soon as we started to make our way out of Royal Albert Hall, Jammie saw one of the choir boys (pictured below).  She made me go up and talk to him and ask if we could have our picture with him.  He agreed.

But here’s the crappy part: there was nobody to take the picture.  So I had to take it.  And there you have it:  I stuck my neck out and in return I get to be the photographer instead of having a brush with fame. That would have been fine were it not for the fact that a few years ago the same thing happened when Jammie and I spotted Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and the same thing happened… I got to take the picture:)

Who's missing??

So, where’s the car?

And here come’s the worst part of the evening:  After our (their) picture with the choir boy we headed out into the rain again for the ride home.  We hustled over to the street where my dad had parked the car.  No car.

My dad thought that he had the wrong street so we walked some more.  But Jammie was in heels so she and I were sent to a cafe while my parents looked further for the car.  By about the time we took the picture below, we got the news that the car had been towed and that my parents had been picked up by a police car that was taking them to the towing yard.  The car cost over $600 to retrieve….

Killing time after the concert...


Freezing in the rain

The car retrieval process was not only pricey, it was slow.  We FAR outstayed our welcome at the cafe and then ended up rushing from one semi-dry/warm spot to the other.  It was so rainy that we ended up switching jackets so Jammie could have mine which had a hood.  The picture below is one of the last we took before switching jackets:)  And then I spent the rest of the night in the super-snug female jacket at the top of the post…

Putting a semi-brave face on a very cold night in the streets of London...

All’s well that ends well…

Luckily we got picked up by my parents soon after.  A toasty car ride on the way home dried us off and provided a happy ending to the unsought-after adventure.
Next week, Bangkok!!

Stay tuned next week as our year of world travel begins in earnest.  We fly to Bangkok midweek.  We’ll keep you posted.  If you have any tips for cheap apartments in Bangkok, let us know… we are going to be checking out a lot of them over the next two weeks as we pick where we will live for our first 3-month stint…



Bjorn Karlman

13 thoughts on “Forgotten Concert Tickets, a Towed Car and Freezing Rain – Another London Disaster”

  1. Love that you swapped coats! Travelling for a year?! Slight jealous face! Love Bangkok – you must pop down to Koh Samet for a few days. International church is near Ekkamai sky train stop, and one at Mission Hospital. Loads of places to visit! And there is lots of need there, so lots of good you can do! Looking forward to your posts.

  2. Great post!
    These experiences are cherishable. Annoying and frustrating but make good story.
    Pleasure to meet both of you and I’m excited and jealous for your “B’s”.
    I don’t need to tell you to enjoy.

    Sexy pastor.

  3. Well my friend, I have to say as I sit here before going to work that I’ve had my first chuckkles of the day! Oh tragedy! Why was the car towed? Why did it cost so much to get it back? .. Oh … say goodbye to London and HELLO B.B. and B!
    …. Love your posts!

  4. Bjorn – this UK part has been a losing battle. haha just kidding. glad you both are having fun! What is a miracle is that you were traveling in London traffic and still made the concert on time!

    That choir boy looks pretty sharp. Maybe Jamie was saying, she wants you to take a photo of her and the choir boy by themselves. haha!

    But no one looks as sharp as you in that orange jacket! You’re ready for a concert and ready to jump in and join any passing high school music troupe! Or Paris fashion show.

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