End of First Monthly Challenge… Before and After Shots

So I have now completed my first monthly challenge (it was roughly 3 weeks, to be exact).  It started off as juicing but I relaxed it to drinking healthy smoothies.  Here’s the before shot (March 5, 2012):














And here’s the after…. (March 23, 2012)
















You can’t see too much but all in all I dropped almost 14 lbs (from approx 200 lbs down to approx 186 lbs).  The first week saw the most dramatic drop, the second was pretty modest and by the third I think my body was adjusting to the new diet and I hardly lost anything.  I cheated a little bit – most notably with two meals – each of them at high-pressure networking events where I did not want to have to explain to everyone that I was fasting.

Everyone has said that the real work will be in keeping the weight off now that I have lost it.  Typically, people (myself included a few years ago) quickly put back on everything they have lost and then some.  So here’s the plan:  The next monthly challenge (which I will start on April 2), will be cooking at eating light Asian food for lunch and dinner.  Here are some of the resources I’ll be using…































What am I doing until April 2?  Well, hopefully playing it safe.  I leave for London later today and with my sister’s wedding and all the traveling I am not going to bother trying to find Asian food as it will get too complicated.  At my next check-in I’ll let you know if I was able to eat conservatively or if I gained 14 lbs in a week…



Bjorn Karlman

11 thoughts on “End of First Monthly Challenge… Before and After Shots”

  1. Wow good for you! The reception is fairly healthy too so I don’t think it’ll mess up your new lifestyle :) Can’t wait to see you guys!

  2. Don’t you think you should wait til the day AFTER your annivesary? Aren’t you going to take Jammie out for a nice romantic meal? Better rethink that one my friend. ;-)

  3. I’m glad you like my mustache Bjorn. I’ve had it for just about over a year. I wanted to comment on your Filipina/ Ugly White Men post, but for some reason the comment box was not present.
    Anyway, are you trying to say something about you and Jammie?? Hahaha, is that why you’re on this diet/challenge?
    Oh and we went to Sky High Sports the other weekend, it’s a room full of trampolines and one of them has a dodgeball area. You guys would’ve loved it.

    1. Sorry about the comment box… I fixed it and it is now there…
      HAhahah!! I knew I was going to get that reaction to the filipina / ugly white men post..

      Sky High Sports… where is it? I know they have something like that in SF/Oakland

      Good to hear from you…

    2. BTW… had to close out the comments again (they close after 10 days)… I got spammed as soon as I took off the function to close down comments after that period…

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