Do you feel imprisoned by life?

Life should not feel like a dungeon...
Life should not feel like a dungeon…

Do you feel like you have to put up with the following?

1)  Tedious bumper-to-bumper commutes

2)  “Mandatory” office meetings that make you want to poke your eyes out

3)  Passive aggressive or straight-up-abusive people at work

4)  Living in fear of a massive layoff at work

5)  Wondering where all your money went at the end of the month

6)  Being unhappy with life

7)   Feeling like you HAVE to keep sprinting away in the rat race because you have to maintain your current lifestyle.

Well, then I know exactly how you feel.  I felt trapped on the corporate hamster wheel for years and, even worse, I felt helpless to do anything about it.

You can choose!

I felt that way until I decided that I had to do whatever it took to make sure that the number one commodity that I would seek in life was the ability to choose.  I needed to wake up to the fact that I had options.  Not stock options.  ACTUAL options, as in having the ability to make life-enhancing choices.

Hardly a revolutionary idea but definitely a shot of adrenaline when I actually started pursuing it.

San Francisco Beginnings

This is how it all started:  On a cold, fall night, on a visit to San Francisco, I locked myself into a bathroom stall and decided that enough was enough.  This was it.  For years I had dreamed of having the guts to do one thing: claim my right to options.  And that night I decided that I needed to do what I had wanted to do for years: travel the world and volunteer, not as a short term trip but as a lifestyle.

“We need to do this!”

Within days I told Jammie of my decision.  I still remember where I broke the news: in her workplace parking lot during her lunch break.  “We need to do this!  We’ve talked about it forever. Let’s quit our jobs, travel the world and do service projects.”. It didn’t even take her a minute: “I’m in.”

It’s impossible to exaggerate how much happier and fulfilled we now feel. Now we wonder what took us so long.  Why did we wait so many years to choose differently?

Jammie and I dedicate CultureMutt to talking about how we can all live better lives by claiming our right to options in life.  To claiming our right to serving those around us by doing what we are best at doing.  Join us in that quest.  Thank you for being part of the CultureMutt community!




9 thoughts on “Do you feel imprisoned by life?”

  1. Good work to both of you and thanks to your courage, we get to enjoy your travel and writing. And hopefully, you can inspire others to make the move to.

    Now, quitting your job and traveling isn’t for everyone but what we all can do is question our situation and work lifestyles and see if that’s what works for us. The life of an attorney did not suit me well so I gave up the corner office, six figure job and Porsche. haha I did none of that and if I had all of that, I might not have left. Kidding!

    Anyway, I gave it up to start a legal services business from home. When that didn’t work (well it did but long story there), I tried to find other types of work that would allow me the freedom to take time off, the freedom to travel and the freedom to live life the way I wanted.

    We don’t have to go to the office from 9-5 everyday of our lives. There are options! All that’s required is a will. And some guidance which you both are providing. And encouragement.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Vishnu! I definitely agree.. quitting your job to travel is not for everyone. A reset and a realization that you have options is pretty universally helpful though:)

  2. Bjorn & Jammie – your story is inspiring and I am sure there are thousands of people out there who are in the exact place you were in the bathroom stall in San Francisco. Well, perhaps not the EXACT place as that would be slightly….odd (and it would have to be a rather large stall to fit everyone in….).

    I don’t feel imprisoned, per se, since my job rocks; as do the people I work with and the business I work for. Despite all of this, having 100% control over my time is not possible, which is why I too am making moves to leave the corporate world.

    Looking forward to reading about how your story unfolds. Hope the sun is shining for you in Berlin.

    I’ve recently started to host guest posts on my blog ( from people that are doing life differently. It would be awesome to have you write for the blog too.
    Razwana recently posted…If you were offered a million dollars, would you turn it down?My Profile

    1. DEAL! We’ll guest post for you if you’ll guest post for us? How’s that?

      I would love to hear more about your move from the corporate world. Maybe you can outline your thinking in the post? Berlin (being the startup capital of Europe) has a huge population of people that have left the corporate world to try more entrepreneurial directions… very inspiring.

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