Do Something (Almost) Impossible

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I was downright chubby for most of my childhood.  And although I’ve more or less managed my weight since, I am stocky and can be pushed over the edge to pudge in no time at all.  So losing weight and keeping it off is super tough.  I have always been jealous of friends that don’t seem to gain weight no matter how many buffets they hit.  Such was not my luck in life.

Why this monthly challenge?

Knowing this, and with the urgency of my sister’s March 29 wedding (and all the pictures) upon me, I decided that my first monthly challenge would be to juice for three weeks in order to detox, get healthy and lose weight.  (FYI, the idea behind my monthly challenges is that I will publicly challenge myself to something big that is designed to help me get better at savvy, global do-gooding in one way or another – some detox and weight loss through a different diet therefore fits the criteria.)

Since I started the challenge I have received advice for and against juicing (thanks everyone that gave me advice online and offline).  As mentioned in earlier posts, I soon switched from a purist juicing approach to a diet of smoothies.  The smoothies are more filling and contain the roughage I was missing with the juice and I have been able to integrate some protein in the form of protein shakes after resistance workouts and through nuts, tofu and other protein sources in the smoothies.


Some of the smoothies have been seriously disgusting.  I blended a whole beet into one smoothie and it was all I could do to control my gag reflex drinking that sucker all day at work.  I also messed up and went to shake it without realizing that I had neglected to screw the top on the canister down completely.  I got deep red beet juice all over my crisp white shirt.  As fate would have it I had a major community mixer to go to that night… I kept my cool and blotted the red out enough that it wouldn’t show with a jacket on.


By day 5 or so I was getting the hang of the smoothie making and started enjoying the more palatable creations I was inventing.  I was also losing a near-alarming amount of weight, amounting to over a pound of weight loss per day. To date (and including my unofficial first day of the regimen) I’ve lost over 11 lbs.  As I sit writing this at almost midnight I am not at all hungry.  I have run over 6 miles today AND done some resistance training.  Because I have been putting away a serious amount of smoothies  – many with a major protein component – I’ve been able to slim down while toning up and actually (from what I can tell) gaining muscle.

The way ahead

I am hoping to get down to 170 lbs in time for the wedding which is in 18 days.  That is another 19 lbs from where I weighed in at this morning.  Impossible?  Maybe, but I will give it my best and keep you posted.



Bjorn Karlman

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  1. I’m all about the soymilk for sure! You can dry-blend plain Rolled Oats to make Oat Flour and then add that to your smoothie – 1 cup of that has 11 grams of protein. Quinoa has 8 grams per 1 cup, which I doubt would change the flavor much either. Otherwise Nutritional Yeast Flakes and Hemp powder both add a lot of protein in only a tablespoon or two. :) Are you eating anything besides smoothies?

    1. I am glad I asked! I’ve got a discount at a local health food store that I can use for the Quinoa, Hemp powder, etc And no, I’m not really eating much else right now…

  2. Good for you, Björn! Keep it up, and keep it off!

    Make sure you’re getting non-GMO soymilk by drinking only organic. Silk brand soymilk uses non-GMO soy, as does Whole Foods 365 brand organic soy milk.

    I’ve been doing the same public accountability tactic since mid-November, and I’ve removed 16 pounds since then (and 60 pounds since January 2010). I find it’s more gratifying to remove weight than to lose it – because you often find things again that you lose, whereas things you remove usually stay removed.

    Learn more on my “Get Healthy with Kirk” Facebook page at

    1. Kirk! I didn’t realize “Get Healthy with Kirk” was your own FB page! I love it! Congratulations. And thanks for the tips… public accountability applies just the right amount of pressure…
      Good to know about non-GMO soymilk as well..

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