CultureMutterings Episode 2 – On Strip Clubs, Discrimination and Joe the Plumber Wanting to Shoot Illegal Immigrants


In this second episode of CultureMutterings I cover some of the ideas, fights and questions that have come up over the last few posts.  Hot topics: gay people in the military; the Icelandic sex industry; Joe the Plumber venting about how he wants to torture people and FOX News on the Congressional Budget Office.



Bjorn Karlman

8 thoughts on “CultureMutterings Episode 2 – On Strip Clubs, Discrimination and Joe the Plumber Wanting to Shoot Illegal Immigrants”

  1. Hey Bjorn, my comment has nothing to do with content and more with style and form….Luv the relevant content. But the blog is like Web 1.0. It’s just you talking to a camera. At the least you need to put in a few cuts to keep the attention. And by the way in youtube an average length video is 3 minutes tops. 5 minutes becomes a LOOOOOONG video. I would suggest adopting some styles from the following youtube bloggers sxphil (uses lots of cuts and dirty language but is engaging – i’ve stopped listening to him cuz he’s too crass however), communitychannel (hilarious observational humor. Incredible fan base who leave brilliant comments, happyslip (you know her), kevjumba (he has cool dance moves. My personal vote is u should learn some cool dance moves). Anyways, those are just a start…

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing Andrew. Very valid. The video was way too long and I was half asleep when I shot it. I am still kind of experimenting with the whole medium. I like the suggestions and I think they are right on. I’ll check out the Youtubers you mentioned… sex it up a bit!
    Seriously, I appreciate the feedback… and let me know what you think about the post I just put up as well… a slight change in direction.

  3. Hey there-Isn’t another episode of culturemutterings overdue? Been waiting for quite a while now!!! I keep it simple, cause I’m stoopid.

  4. Hey Bjorn

    Just watched your second episode and then went back to the posts to read your comments. As a liberal minded Brit I find your work incredibly interesting simply because it addresses issues that I would never normally give the slightest currency to. As you say in your video, surely JtP is just making jokes and for me, that’s the only explanation. The really interesting part, however, comes with the comments and how deeply alarmed I am that some people take this stuff seriously. That’s important for people like me who don’t usually engage with anyone who thinks this way.

    Thanks for highlighting it all, however terrifying it may be – know your enemy and all!

    Take care, love.

  5. Pahahaha! You are funny. I typically post them in reaction to the comments I get after a post. so I’ll post something tomorrow:) Thanks for the support Marianne!

  6. Kate,

    First of all I have to say that it is great to have a liberal minded Brit on CultureMutt! When I first moved to the US I too was shocked at some of the opinions that real life people had – they were no longer characters in a movie or documentary – they were the genuine article. It would be comforting (and horribly irresponsible) if JTP was having us on. But I don’t think he is. And a lot of his followers are deadly serious. And yes, when people try to justify him as simply being inarticulate you start wondering just how blind we have become. Thanks for checking in and I hope all’s well!

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