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  1. Bjorn,
    I also sent the message below to your gmail. Don’t know what you are using these days.

    Hope life is going well for you and Jammie. Are you continuing to live and work in Bangkok? I have had some interesting travels with Rotary since I last saw you. I have been to Guatemala on an Humanitarian trip with the district, to Sao Paulo for the RI Convention and went to Iguazu Falls which was spectacular and then to Zurich this summer to see Jonathan.

    I am writing to you now because I will be doing a tour of Southeast Asia next month. I will be with a tour group so I can cover some of the highlights of Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand. I am wondering if it would be possible to see you and Jammie for a drink or dinner one night. I arrive in Bangkok October 21and have a free evening on October 24. I think these dates are correct.

    Let me know if any of this fits your schedule.
    Take care,

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  3. I work for an organization that trains missionary families who are going abroad to live and work for 5 plus year terms. I am looking for videos to share with the teenage children of these missionaries in the following categories:
    1. Cross Cultural issues and the fun and challenge of working or living cross-culturally.
    2. Any movies on third culture kids especially missionary kids. Love a good movie that the teens can relate to.
    3. Cross Cultural issues (even here in America, a regular movie) which is appropriate and clean for teens to watch.



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