Why I Quit Medical School

This guest post comes via one of my personal heroes, Jeremy Weaver.  His story has everything: another awesome guy called Bjorn (clearly, I list this first), guts, glory, exotic travel, intense moments of doubt, life-changing experiences, a HUGE decision, international relocation and YES, he gets the girl!  It inspired me the moment I heard it,…

How I told my Filipino Father-in-Law I was Quitting My Job to Travel with his Daughter

I’m not going to say it went perfectly. Just over a year ago, Jammie and I sat down with her dad and two brothers to give them the news that we had both handed in our resignations and were leaving on a 12-month service and travel trip around the world. It easily ranks as one of my most-dreaded conversations EVER. Here’s how we did it:

“Missionary” needs a facelift

“Missionary” sounds oppressive. Historically, missionaries were often backed by the military might of oppressive colonial powers. Religion was often forced on unwilling converts. Today, centuries later, the bad taste is still in the mouths of many. In many cases those that go out as missionaries have more material wealth and education than those they are trying to reach. This often results in an unhealthy dynamic where people convert to the beliefs of these missionaries more in order to gain access to these resources rather than because they are sincerely convicted of a religious ideology.

Service — The truth

For the past few weeks, I have been enjoying the use of a thin, black vinyl raincoat. I never thought I would like an item of clothing this much, but it has provided a warm, dry shelter more times than I can count already, and it doesn’t look half bad on me, if I do…

Top 7 ways to be a boring public speaker (compiled from personal experience)

Bad public speaking is physical torture to listeners. I’ve done my fair share of it and received a lot of feedback over the years! In the process I’ve gone from being pretty horrible at speaking in public, to feeling really comfortable and winning Speaker of the Year Awards at my local Toastmasters (public speaking) club. I’ve still got a long way to go but here are a few things I have learned to avoid that are sure-fire ways to bore your crowd: