Tim Ferriss, the New Rich and Growing up a Missionary Kid

Ferriss elaborates: “Being financially rich and having the ability to live like a millionaire are fundamentally two very different things. Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life: what you do, when you do it, where you do it, and with whom you do it. I call this the “freedom multiplier.”

The conclusion? “Options – the ability to choose is real power.””

The Timing is Never Right

Are you sitting on a big decision right now? Are you putting it off because it is just a little too scary? It probably has the potential to change your life, right? A choice between jobs. The question of whether to go back to school. The decision of whether or not to get married. It’s intimidating. And often the excuse that you and I give ourselves for putting it off is timing. We convince ourselves that a little more time will somehow improve our set of life circumstances, that we will be wiser or the future will be clearer if we just wait a little longer.

With a little help from my friends – Bangkok with the hookups

One conversation on Saturday made all the difference. “I’ve got a great, cheap apartment that I think could work,” said the husband of one of my childhood friends. He then hooked us up with one of his friends that negotiated an amazing deal.

It was humbling to realize that this one conversation had produced far better results than our hours spent wading through online listings. The Bangkok apartment our friend found us cost $130/month (less than half of what we had budgeted). It was in a safe area and right next door to a friend.

How Do you Beat the Fear of the Unknown? Suggestions Anyone?

Here were some of our doomsday scenarios:

1) We tell everyone we are doing on our trip and then for some reason, we can’t leave California – it’s super embarrassing and we have to tell people the trip is off.

2) We quit our jobs and some major unforeseen expense hits and we end up broke, crying in some abandoned Bangkok alley.

3) We get some horrible disease far away from home without access to the medical care we need.

4) We realize that instead of being an incredible epiphany and the amazing lifestyle design experiment we had envisioned, we hate our new life and decide we have made the worst decision ever.

Don’t Hang Out With Work People!

A good 80% of my job as a professional fundraiser involves networking and relationship building. I have found that applying lessons of professional networking to my personal friendships works. Before you get too worked up, I am not preaching being fake or manipulative. I am talking about being productive and being intentional.

The Case for Rest

Tim Ferriss: “I set Saturday very strictly for me… I try to regain perspective on Saturdays.. I really try to open no computers on a Saturday.. I don’t have email set up on my iPhone, I don’t want to see the notifications.. I try to make a point of calling my family every Saturday.. it’s tough man… I mean time is really fleeting.. it is really, really staggeringly terrifying how time accelerates as you get older.. it’s really terrifying.”

Please Vote for Me!! A Post of Near-Delirious Excitement

You cannot BELIEVE how excited I am. I am going to break from the norm here on CultureMutt and ask you to PLEASE vote for me (scroll down on the linked page and you’ll see my name listed). Why?

Because Tim Ferriss, the TOP 1000 Blogger / New York Times Bestselling Author whom I look up to HUGELY, just shortlisted me from a group of about 300 fundraisers and I am now in the final group of 5 to be considered for a Round-the-World-Trip.