9 Things About Hot Filipina Girls That Get With Ugly White Men

look out girls…

I can’t even count how many times I have seen it.  A guy that looks just like sexy underpants dude here gets with a hot Filipina girl.  It used to drive me crazy.  Half of the men look like WWII vets (some probably are).  I always wanted to work out why the girls went for it.  Growing up in the Philippines I would often point out these odd looking couples and ask for explanations. Here’s what I’ve heard over the years.

They’ve got a family to feed – OK so this is simultaneously the saddest and most cynical reason for why Filipinas get with old white guys – the family at home that needs US dollars.  It’s no secret, it happens all the time. 

They aren’t necessarily just in it for the green card – But here’s the deal, you would be mistaken to label these women as regular gold-diggers.  There’s a lot more to it.  If they are originally from the Philippines the white guy represents liberation, adventure and access to the wider world, it’s not just money. 

They probably won’t divorce him once they have the papers – It’s hard to find women that are more faithful and caring than Filipinas.  There are exceptions to every rule, of course, but Filipina women tend to make really good spouses.  They are loyal, do not come from a divorce-prone culture and many of them have religious (read: Catholic) reasons for not treating marriage lightly.

They know they can do better – They aren’t stupid either.  Attractive Filipina women are some of the most liberated in Asia and they know that they have options.  Don’t look down at them for dating or marrying old white guys.  They have most likely thought through their options carefully and this one happens to make sense to them.

“Exotic” is in the eye of the beholder – she may think he is hot – There’s something about scarcity that changes the dynamics of attraction significantly.  Part of the draw of the white male to a Filipina is the fact that he is different and somewhat of a mystery.  That may be enough to make him very attractive.

They look prettier next to him – And then there’s the possibility that reality is even more simple:  women like to look better than their men.  You can’t lose with an ugly white dude.

They may actually like him – It’s easy to get cynical about the state of international romance.  But don’t forget that genuine love is also an option.  I am married to a Filipina girl.  We are very much in love.  But then SHE is the American and I the immigrant:)

The grass is always greener – You run into the kind of Filipina girl who is sick of Filipino guys every once in a while.  Their own kind bores them.  It happens with people from every culture.  Their own culture is yawn-inducing to them and they are convinced that their ideal mate is from somewhere else.

They dig white guys – Finally, some Filipinas just plain like white guys.  And thank God for that.



Bjorn Karlman

12 thoughts on “9 Things About Hot Filipina Girls That Get With Ugly White Men”

  1. Loving these posts Mr Karlman! However, you forget point ten: the Caucasian/Filipino union often creates very good looking offspring :-)

    1. Yeah, luckily the offspring seems to come out looking way better than the dad..
      But then there is the 50/50 theory that my wife has. She says half of the Caucasian/Filipino mixes are hot and half are definitely not…MAN I’m nervous….

  2. Beauty actually is in the eye of the beholder. Also beauty is only skin deep. Maybe the guy is super wonderful. Maybe the “hot filipina girl” is a mean wicked *itch. Never can tell. But if they are in love, who are we to judge their looks?

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  5. I think that naturally men are driven by outward appearance and women by kindness in the form of support and faithfulness. In the case of Filipino women, this natural state seems to be facilitated by their strong cultural-religious beliefs. Even discounting culture or ethnicity, most women want their partners to be faithful, honest, caring and supportive – both morally and financially. From a female point of view, this is true love and from a Filipino women’s point of view, this ideal appears to be magnified greatly (from my observations). Indeed, to such an extent that age-difference and looks bear little if any significance. It is obviously not a state that all western men would desire in a women but I think it is very sweet.

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